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Ward & Council Structure


At the Council Meeting held January 3, 2017, Council approved changes

to the size of Council and the number of Wards.  The changes include:

  • Reducing the size of Council from 10 members to 9.  The new Council structure will include 8 Councillors and a Mayor.

  • Reducing the # of Wards from 5 to 4.  Newboro will be merged with North Crosby to form a new Ward called "North Crosby-Newboro".

  • The 8 Councillors will continue to be elected by Ward with 2 Councillors representing each of the 4 Wards.

  • The Mayor will continue to be elected at large.

In accordance with the Municipal Act, the changes will take effect for the 2018 Municipal Election. 


By-Law 2017-5


Report of the Consultants, StrategyCorp Inc.


Final Report - November 2016

Addendum - December 2016



Decision Process


Why a Council and Ward Structure Review?


Rideau Lakes current council structure and ward boundaries were established through amalgamation on January 1, 1998 – almost two decades ago.


The object of the Review is to ensure that Rideau Lakes’ council and ward structure continue to provide a system of effective and equitable representation for all residents.


The Township hired an independent consultant, StrategyCorp Inc., to conduct the Review.


Guiding Principles


The Council and Ward Structure Review will be guided by the following principles:


1.       Effective Representation: Consider an overriding principle of effective representation as described by the 1991 Supreme Court of Canada decision Re Provincial Electoral Boundaries (Sask.) (the “Carter” decision), and subsequent Court and OMB decisions related to the matter.


2.       Appropriate Constituent to Councillor Ratio: Ensure Councillors can adequately and faithfully address the interests of their constituents in a meaningful and direct manner. Consideration should also include the rural municipal context, seasonal demands, future community change and demographic trends.


3.       Balancing Effective Governance with Council Costs: Consideration should be given to a model that achieves effective governance, while balancing the current and future costs of Council administration and remuneration.


4.       Both Ward and At Large Systems May Hold Merit: It is agreed that both a ward and an at large electoral system for Councillors should be investigated and considered (the Mayor is required to be elected at large under the Municipal Act).


5.       Representation by Population: Consider an equitable distribution of constituents to Councillors. Some variation in the ratio is acceptable. This may include consideration of effective representation, geography, community characteristics, growth and community change and seasonal and other community interests.


6.       Population and Electoral Trends: Plan and accommodate for increases or decreases in population to maintain a general equilibrium in a ward-based representation system over a 10 - 20 year horizon.


7.       Diversity of Inter-Township Needs, Assets and Interests: Arrange ward boundaries to recognize the various local geographic needs, assets, histories and community interests, and pool these local attributes together on the basis of compatibility and interdependence to allow for effective representation.


8.       Geography and Ward Boundaries: Utilizing geographical, topographical, historical and major manmade features to provide for easy understanding, visual representation and communication of ward boundaries. Ward boundaries shall not divide a legally conveyable lot of record. Ward boundaries should not divide lands designated for specific purposes where a contiguous nature is important (settlement areas, prime agriculture, aggregate designations etc.). Ward boundaries should support effective delivery of existing and potential future shared service models with neighbouring municipalities.



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