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Township Aerodrome
The Rideau Lakes Flying Club / COPA Flight 56

The Rideau Lakes Township has a bounty of beautiful lakes, country side and parks and the best way to enjoy this beauty, or just get here, is by air. To this end the Rideau Lakes Township has its own aerodrome on the west end of Upper Rideau Lake. This aerodrome is owned by the township, managed by the Rideau Lakes Flying club and was registered by Transport Canada in 2001 and listed in the Canadian Flight supplement as CRL2. The Flight Supplement Data is as follows:

Ref:   N44 40 00 W76 23 48 0.7SE 13°W
UTC-5(4) Elev 500' A5000 F-21
OPR   Rideau Lakes Flying Club
(contact Bill Green at 613-273-5282)
PF   A-1 C-2,4,5
S   4,5
RWY DATA   Rwy 07 (073°)/25(253°)
3000x60 turf/gravel Thld 07 disl 900'
RCR   Opr Ltd win maint
ATF   tfc 123.2 5NM 3500 ASL
CAUTION   Trees 140' W of thld rwy 07 aprx 50AGL

Additional Aerodrome Information
Road entrance to Aerodrome is approximately 850m West on Country Road 10 from County Road 42.

A privy exists near the entrance. Tie-downs are available in the north west corner for visiting aircraft and camping under the wing is allowed.

Township of Rideau Lakes Aerodrome
Looking East-Northeast


Everyone is welcome - these events are free and open to the public.

The Rideau Lakes Flying Club hosts two events each year. These events attract well over 40 aircraft, with the odd helicopter making an appearance as well! Mark your calendar for the last Saturday in May for our annual Breakfast Fly In.

The other event is held in February and folks will enjoy watching planes and helicopters land on a snow covered runway. Again, this event is open to the public.

The Rideau Lakes Flying Club has its own club house with all conveniences. The community is invited to attend and participate in these events and take a walking tour of the airfield. Without their support continued success would not be possible.

For information or details on joining this highflying group call Bill Green at 613-273-5282.

Airplanes at Fly-in

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