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Selective Township Bylaws and Policies

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bb Accessibility Customer Service Bylaw 2009-59 - a bylaw to adopt a Policy Statement for Accessibility Customer Service for the Township of Rideau Lakes.
    Download or view PDF FileBylaw 2009-59 (290K PDF file)

bb ATV/ORVs on Township Roads Bylaw 2015-53 - A policy concerning the use of off-road vehicles on Township roads
    Download or view PDF FileBylaw 2016-59 (179K PDF file)

bb Building Bylaw Bylaw 99-129 - a bylaw respecting construction, demolition, and change of use permits and inspections. For details about building permits and requirements see the Development Services Department.

bb Building Department Intake Fee Bylaw 2007-22 - a bylaw to adopt a Policy Statement to ensure payment for the review and processing of building applications.
    Download or view PDF FileBylaw 2007-22 (87K PDF file)

bb Building Fees
(PDF file)
Bylaw 2013-30 - Schedules "A" & "B" - a bylaw to establish fees for the administration of the Building Code Act.  See Development Services Department.

bb Open Air Burning Bylaw Bylaw 2007-84 - a bylaw to prescribe the precautions and conditions under which fires may be set in Open Air.
    Download or view PDF FileBylaw 2007-84

bb Development Charges Bylaw
(PDF file)
Bylaw 2014-60 - a bylaw to continue development charges.
    Download or view PDF FileBylaw 2014-60 (600K PDF file)

    Download or view PDF FileSchedule B - 2017 Office Consolidation (97K PDF file)

bb Fence Bylaw Bylaw 98-109 - a bylaw to prescribe the height and description of a lawful fence within the Township of Rideau Lakes.
    Download or view PDF FileBylaw 98-109 (45K PDF file)

bb Festival Licence Bylaw 2007-19 - a bylaw to regulate the holding of public events, festivals and parades within the Corporation of the Township of Rideau Lakes.
Download or view PDF FileBylaw 2007-19 (434K PDF file)
bb Fireworks Sale and Use Bylaw 2007-108 - a bylaw to prohibit and regulate the setting off of fireworks and for requiring permits within the Corporation of the Township of Rideau Lakes.
    Download or view PDF FileBylaw 2007-108 (106K PDF file)

bb Inquiries and Concerns Policy The purpose of this policy is for the fair and impartial investigation and resolution of all inquiries and/or concerns received by the Township of Rideau Lakes Staff and/or Members of Council.

bb Keeping of Animals Bylaw 2012-3 - a bylaw for prohibiting or regulating the keeping of animals within the Municipality
    Download or view PDF FileKeeping of Animals (65K PDF file)

bb Line Fences Act Line Fences Act - an Ontario act regarding the erection of fences along property lines.
    e-laws link Line Fences Act

bb Littering Bylaw By-law 2007-46 - a bylaw to Prohibit the Throwing, Placing or Depositing of Refuse or Debris on Lands within the Township of Rideau Lakes.
    Download or view PDF FileBylaw 2007-46 (135K PDF file)

bb Noise By-law By-law 2002-07 - a bylaw to prohibit and regulate noise within the Township of Rideau Lakes.
    Download or view PDF FileBylaw 2002-07 (87K PDF file)

bb Private Road Grants Bylaw 2006-45 - a policy for residents on private roads to obtain a grant to assist with the maintenance of private roads within the township.
    Download or view PDF FileBylaw 2006-45 (15K PDF file)

bb Private Road Signs on Township Property

Bylaw 2005-11 - conditions under which private signs are permitted on, or within the right-of-way, of any Township road.

bb Procurement of Goods and Services Bylaw 2013-34 - Policy Statement for the Purchase of Goods and Services (Procurement)
    Download or view PDF FileBylaw 2013-34 (420K PDF file)

bb Request for Records Policy

The Township's policy regarding requests for information made to staff.

Download or view PDF FileBylaw 2016-61 (118K PDF file)

bb Sale or Disposal of Real Property Bylaw 2009-71 - a bylaw to establish procedures governing the sale or disposal of real property owned by the Township of Rideau Lakes.

bb Safety of Properties Bylaw Bylaw 2006-85 - a bylaw to provide for the safety of properties in the Township of Rideau Lakes. All complaints must be submitted in writing and be dated and signed (name and address). Anonymous complaints will not be investigated. Please see the Inquiries and Concerns Policy for full details

bb Site Plan Control Bylaw 2005-45 - a bylaw to control certain elements of development.

bb Swimming Pool Fences & Gates Bylaw 2004-78 - prescribing the height and description of and the manner of erecting and maintaining fences and gates around privately owned outdoor swimming pools. Includes a permit application for the installation of pools.
    Download or view PDF FileBylaw 2004-78 (17K PDF file)

bb User Fees and Charges
(PDF file)
Bylaw 2015-1* - a list of resolutions and bylaws stating the fees and charges of the municipality effective January 5, 2015. These relate to all fee aspects including, but not limited to, fees for: Planning, Construction, Demolition, Civic Addressing, Waste Disposal, Entrance Permits, Treasury User Fees, Fire Department, Animal Control, Noise Fines, Traffic and Parking, Newboro and Portland Harbours, Refreshment Vehicles, Salvage Shops, Auctioneers, Festivals and Parades, Lottery Licences and Community Hall Rentals.
    Download or view PDF FileBylaw 2015-1 (321K PDF file)

* Does not include Building Fees - see Building Fees, Bylaw 2013-30 above

bb Website Linkage Bylaw Bylaw 2003-54 - all departments policy regarding external links on the Township website.

bb Zoning By-law Information Bylaw 2005-6 - Description of the zoning bylaw, requirements, amendments, and costs. 

Download or view PDF FileBylaw 2005-6

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