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Private Signs on Township Property


It shall be the policy of The Corporation of the Township of Rideau Lakes that no private signs are permitted on or within the right-of-way of any Township Road except as follows:

1. Temporary real estate “For Sale” signs for adjacent properties will be permitted under the following conditions:
  1. Signs shall be removed when the property has been sold
  2. Real Estate signs directing prospective clients to some other location remote from the subject property will not be permitted
  3. The sign shall not be placed within 3 meters of the traveled portion of the road.
  4. The size of the sign shall be limited to 600mm by 600mm unless otherwise approved by the Township.
2. In tourist areas, signs directing tourists to their destinations will be permitted on the right-of-way under the following conditions:
  1. Signs shall be removed when the tourist facility is not in operation
  2. Signs shall not contain any field advertising messages
  3. The signs shall have a size appropriate for the location and be approved by the Public Works Manager.
  4. Tourist signs include private signs indicating cottages, farms or other non-commercial destinations.
  5. Where a suitable location on adjacent private property does not exist
3. Special signs or Banners requested by public or charitable organizations, which promote services or events of public interest, may be permitted where the Public Works Manager approves their installation.

4. Temporary signs for roadside fruit, vegetable or home produce stands may be permitted during the season but only if the stand is being used on a fulltime basis. Placement of the stand shall not be closer than 3 meters to the traveled portion of the road.

5. Election signs are permitted and must be removed by the candidate within two weeks after the election.


All signs permitted on the right-of-way shall conform to the following conditions:
  1. All signs shall be maintained in good condition by the owner of the sign
  2. No sign shall be installed in a location which obscures visions for vehicles along the road
  3. No private sign shall be attached to sign post installed by the Township Public Works Department or a public utility pole without the written consent of the operating or road authority.

The Township Public Works Department shall remove and dispose of any sign installed on lands owned or controlled by the Township that are in violation of this policy. The Township is not required to contact the owner of the sign.

The Township Public Works Department may contact the owner of the sign not in compliance with this policy and provide them with a period of time, not to exceed fourteen (14) days, to remove or relocate the sign or otherwise bring the sign into compliance.

Passed by By-Law 2005-11

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