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Official Plan Amendment

The Township’s Official Plan was approved by the Ministry of Municipal Affairs in April, 2004. The Official Plan contains policies which are intended to guide public and private interests in such a way as to ensure the best form of development under the most desirable conditions. In addition, the Official Plan sets out guidelines for the preparation of municipal regulations which implement the Plan, establishes policies to govern both the division and development of land, and finally, identifies public actions which need to be taken to support private development. The Township and the Ministry of Municipal Affairs approve all amendments to the Official Plan. The Official Plan is required by the Planning Act to be reviewed at least every five years.

Official Plan Amendment application form

Zoning Bylaw Amendment

The Zoning Bylaw provides the detailed regulations which govern development in the Township. The bylaw includes provisions such as setbacks from lot lines, size of lots, parking requirements, and setbacks from environmental features. It is developed to implement the policies of the Official Plan. The Township’s Comprehensive Zoning Bylaw was adopted January 17, 2005 and is amended from time to time. Zoning Bylaw Amendments are reviewed by the Planning Advisory Committee of Council and approved by Council following a public meeting.

Zoning Bylaw Amendment application form

Site Plan Control

All commercial and waterfront development is required to receive Site Plan Control approval from the Planning Advisory Committee of Council prior to commencement and receipt of a building permit. Site Plan Control is a tool the Township uses to review elements of proposed developments which are difficult to regulate through the Zoning Bylaw. Issues such as site access, drainage, stormwater management, traffic patterns, road upgrades, and environmental issues are reviewed as part of this process. The Planning Advisory Committee generally meets two times per month depending upon demand. Applications must be received at least 20 days prior to the meeting.

General Guidelines and Application Form

PDF FileCommercial Site Plan Control Guidelines (244k PDF file)

Site Plan Control Bylaw

Minor Variance

Often development proposals cannot meet all of the regulations found in the Zoning Bylaw. The Minor Variance process is intended to be a mechanism to provide relief from the Zoning Bylaw under certain circumstances. The most common Minor Variance request in the Township is the reduction of the 30 metre (100’) waterfront setback. Minor Variances are reviewed by the Committee of Adjustment which is a committee appointed by Council. There are four general criteria used to determine whether a Minor Variance should be granted:
  1. Does it conform with the intent of the Official Plan and Zoning Bylaw;
  2. Does it represent the minimum relief necessary from the Bylaw;
  3. Does the application represent a reasonable use of the property; and
  4. Is the request minor in nature.
It is recommended that prior to submission of an actual application that a Township planner be contacted to review the application or do a site inspection. In most cases, the planner will be able to provide some direction to an applicant as to whether an application will be supported by staff.

Minor Variance Guidelines and Application Form

Unopened Road Allowance Closings

Unopened road allowances can be stopped up, closed, and conveyed to adjacent property owners at the discretion of Council. An application is made which is reviewed first by the Planning Advisory Committee. The closing of an unopened road allowance requires notification in a newspaper, notice to neighbouring property owners, and a bylaw to be passed. Since this is Township property, the closed portion of the road allowance is typically required to be purchased from the Township at market value.

Road Closing Guideline and Information Package

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