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Updated 28/03/2018
Official Plan Review 2011

Notice of Administrative Hold on Further Draft Development

April 11, 2013: Please take notice that due to a change in Provincial Legislation the Council of the Corporation of the Township of Rideau Lakes has decided to place an administrative hold on further review and draft document development of the Township’s Official Plan.

See the Notice of Administrative Hold page for full details.

Official Plan Update
Issue Sheet Series

(PDF files)
  1. What is an OP Update
  2. Land Division
  3. Natural Heritage
  4. Waterfront Development
  5. Private Road Development
  6. Cultural Heritage
  7. Alternative Energy
  8. Growth Areas
  9. Land Use Compatibility
The Township's Official Plan was approved in April, 2004. The Ontario Planning Act requires that municipal Official Plans be reviewed every five years. The Township initiated this 5 Year Review in 2009 by holding public consultations to solicit input on the existing Official Plan and proposed changes to the Official Plan.  The Township will be continuing the public and Ministry review of its Official Plan with the goal of Provincial approval in the fall of 2011.  A first Draft has been developed by Council dated March 24, 2011 and the Township is currently seeking public and Ministry input on this draft document..

Questions About the Official Plan Update Process

  Supporting Studies and Information:

Drafts and Draft Schedules

Public Consultation Schedule

Contact Information

Related Documents

2004 Township Official Plan:

Ministry of Municipal Affairs Citizen Guide Series: The Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing offers a citizens' guide to land-use planning.

Ontario Planning Act:
The Planning Act is Provincial legislation that sets out the ground rules for planning in Ontario and recognizes the role of municipalities in regulating land uses and development.

Provincial Policy Statement: The 2005 Provincial Policy Statement (PPS) is a companion policy document to The Planning Act providing direction on planning from a provincial perspective. All planning decisions in Ontario must be consistent with the PPS.

Township Zoning Bylaw:

Questions About Official Plan Update Process

Why is the Township updating its Official Plan?
The Ontario Planning Act requires all municipal Official Plans to be updated every five years. The existing Official Plan was approved by the Ministry of Municipal Affairs in April, 2004.

What does an update consist of?
At a minimum the Planning Act requires that a five year update bring the Official Plan into conformity with all Provincial Plans and the Provincial Policy Statement. Township Council has resolved that this update will build off the existing Official Plan and will not entail a new Official Plan.

How will the public be consulted?
Council has endorsed a public consultation strategy.  This strategy included open houses and public meetings in August 2009 to solicit public input on the existing Official Plan.  The public consultation strategy for 2011 will include another series of public open houses and/or public meetings in June 2011 to solicit public input on the March 2011 Draft document.  It is anticipated that a final public meeting to adopt the revised Official Plan will occur in early fall 2011.  Comments can be submitted at any time directly to staff in the Development Services Department..

Where can I found out more about individual planning issues?
The Township has produced a series of Information Sheets on major issues that are expected to arise during the review of the Official Plan. The Provincial Policy Statement (PPS) can be viewed at the Ministry of Municipal Affairs website. The Township is obligated to ensure the Official Plan conforms to this PPS . Detailed information about elements within the PPS such as Prime Agricultural Land restrictions, or Provincially Significant Wetlands can be found at individual Ministry websites or by contacting the regional office of each Ministry. Township staff can also be contacted directly to discuss issues or provide clarification on issues.

What is the approval process?
The Township Planning Advisory Committee (consisting of 6 councilors) will work with Township staff to develop a draft document for public review. At least one official Public Meeting is required to be held. Following the public meeting the Planning Advisory Committee will make any required changes and forward the document to Council. Once adopted by Council the Official Plan is forwarded to the Ministry of Municipal Affairs for approval. The Ministry can approve the Plan as submitted or amend the Plan at its discretion to ensure it conforms to Provincial planning policy.

What are my options if I am dissatisfied with the outcome of the Official Plan update?
Once the decision to approve the document is made by the Ministry of Municipal Affairs is made, there will be a 20 day appeal period at which time anyone who requested a copy of the decision or made written or oral comments at the public meeting will be eligible to appeal the decision. The appeal is made to the Ontario Municipal Board.

Drafts and Draft Schedules

Below are Draft Land Use Schedules dated May 2011 which form part of the March 24, 2011 draft Official Plan.
  1. Draft Schedule A1 (map) - North Crosby (3.48 Mb PDF)
  2. Draft Schedule A2 (map) - South Crosby and Newboro (3.7 Mb PDF)
  3. Draft Schedule A3 (map) - Bastard and South Burgess (4.2 Mb PDF)
  4. Draft Schedule A4 (map) - South Elmsley (2.6 Mb PDF)

Public Consultation Schedule

Council has endorsed a consultation strategy which will include public open houses, public meetings, meetings with interested groups, meetings with Provincial Ministries, and solicitation of feedback from individual residents. Council held two public open houses and two public meetings in August 2009 to solicit comments on the existing Official Plan. The Township will hold two public open houses and one public meeting in July to solicit public input on the draft Official Plan document as follows:

Open House:
   July 7th 6:00 to 8:00 pm at South Elmsley Municipal Complex (441 Highway 15)

Open House: 
   July 14th 6:00 to 8:00 pm at North Crosby Hall (875 8th Concession Rd)

Public Meeting:
   July 27th at 1:00 pm at Elgin Municipal Complex (47 Main St, Elgin)

A copy of the meeting notification can be read here: Official Plan Meetings (PDF file)

If you wish to receive direct notification of any meetings to be held regarding the Official Plan contact Malcolm Norwood, Associate Planner at  

Contact Information

Township staff are available to meet with residents or interested groups regarding the Official Plan update. Appointments can be scheduled or comments submitted at any time to:

Malcolm Norwood
Senior Planner
800 928-2250 Ext 236

Municipal Office mailing address:
1439 County Road 8
Delta, ON K0E 1G0

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