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I have a concern about the condition of an property exterior/yard – what can I do?

The Township maintains a property standards bylaw to provide for the safety of properties. The intent of the bylaw relates to safety, not aesthetics. The by-law can be viewed using the link below. Property standards are enforced on a complaint basis. Please be advised that all complaints must be made in writing and include a location and description of the concern. All complaints received must also include the date and the name, address and contact information for the person making the complaint. Incomplete or anonymous complaints made in writing, by-email or by phone will not be addressed. Complaints determined to be vexatious in nature may not be addressed at the discretion of staff.

Does the Township enforce building maintenance standards (interior)?

No - the Township’s by-law does not extend to the internal condition of a building, commonly referred to as ‘maintenance standards’. Tenant concerns about the maintenance of a rental dwelling or dwelling unit are investigated and enforced by the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing (the Province). More information on that process can be found here:

A copy of the Safety of Properties Bylaw 2006-22 can be found here.

Submit a complaint for review: Bylaw Enforcement Officer

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