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What Type of Application/Permit Do I Need?

Most construction requires a Building Permit but a Building Permit cannot be issued if other Planning approvals are first required.

All development within 100 m (300 ft) of a waterbody that is over 30 square metres in size (320 sq ft) requires Site Plan Control approval.

All non residential development (ie. commercial, industrial, institutional) of any kind requires Site Plan Control approval. This includes additions or expansions to existing non residential uses.

Any development that cannot meet the regulations dictated by the Zoning Bylaw (setbacks, lot coverage, etc) requires a Minor Variance.

If both Site Plan Control and Minor Variance approvals are required there is a Combined Application Form.

Any use proposed that is not permitted by the Zoning Bylaw requires a Zoning Bylaw Amendment. Minor Variances can be applied for if one is seeking a minor reduction or relief from a quantitative aspect of the Zoning Bylaw (ie. Reduce the front yard setback from 7.5 m to 5m) but Zoning Bylaw Amendments are necessary to allow uses not permitted, alter other non quantitative aspects of the Zoning Bylaw, or request major reductions from a quantitative aspects of the Zoning Bylaw.

An Official Plan Amendment is required if a proposed development is not permitted by the Official Plan.

Other Permits Not Issued by this Department but available from the Township related to Planning:

Entrance Permit
Needed for any new driveway entrance to a Township road. Issued by the Public Works Department. Contact Dan Chant 800-928-2250 Ext 227

Chip Truck License
Issued by the Clerk, Mary Ellen Truelove 800-928-2250 Ext 293

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