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Emergency Response Plan

The following information has been prepared as part of the Township of Rideau Lakes Emergency Management Plan.

Emergency Management Ontario has the responsibility of seeing that all Municipalities have prepared an Emergency Management Plan. The framework for the creation of these plans and the requirements of the Emergency Plans are established in the Emergency Management Act. To view the Act please view the link below.

This page and corresponding links have been put together to provide valuable information that is intended to assist in safeguarding and preparing you and your family prior to and during an emergency.

To view the Township of Rideau Lakes Emergency Response Plan please view the link below.

Download or view the PDF FileEmergency Response Plan (110K PDF file)

The Emergency Checklist below is intended to assist individuals by providing a list of items that will help individuals endure potential inconveniences or hardships that may be experienced as a result of an emergency.

Prepare Now, Learn How...
Emergency Survival Checklist*

(* Three-day supply per person)

The following information is provided by CERV Ontario and Emergency Management Ontario.
° Flashlight and batteries
° Radio and batteries or crank radio
° Spare batteries (for radio or flashlight)
° First-aid Kit
° Candles and matches/lighter
° Extra car keys and cash
° Important papers (identification)
° Food and boiled water
° Clothing and footwear
° Blankets or sleeping bags
° Toilet paper and other personal items
° Medication
° Backpack/duffel bag (to hold all of the kit items)
° Whistle (to attract attention, if needed)
° Playing cards, games
For further information, visit:
Emergency Management Ontario

Additional information that will help educate residents on how to properly prepare for an emergency situation can be found at the following link.

This link includes a number of important considerations for things such as food supply, various equipment for your home and vehicle and important contact numbers and information.

Seniors and Emergencies
An emergency situation or an evacuation can be a frightening and confusing time. It is important that seniors be educated about the potential for emergencies, the steps they can take to be prepared for an emergency, the programs in place to help manage emergencies, and the services that are available to help them get through the emergency, and return to their regular routine.

Emergency Survival Kits for Seniors
In addition to their basic Emergency Survival Kits, it is essential that senior citizens being evacuated during emergencies take with them any other equipment or devices they may need immediately. Those items may include: • assistive devices such as such as canes, walkers, hearing aids, breathing apparatus, etc.
• prescription eyewear and footwear
• extra medications and vitamin supplements
• copies of prescriptions
• extra dentures (if required) and cleaner
• personal papers, identification; and
• list of names and telephone numbers (such as family members, doctor, case worker, seniors group contact person, etc.).
The Emergency Survival Kit fact sheet outlines the basic items every individual should keep in an easy-to-reach place. Please view the link below for additional information.

Download or view the PDF FileEmergency Fact Sheet for Seniors (PDF file)

2013 UPDATE: The Township through JEPP (Joint Emergency Preparedness Program), which is a program run through the Province of Ontario on behalf of Public Safety Canada who provide the funds, was able to secure a grant to better equip our emergency responders to aid our community in certain types of emergencies such as structural collapse. The grant provided approximately $36,000.00 dollars for needed equipment the municipality that would have had taken years to procure.

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