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Heritage of the Township

There are a number of excellent books which have been written about the Township and its Wards, many of which have been used to provide information contained in this heritage section of the website.

The following represents a partial list of what is available:

  • Gibson, Barbara, Cranworth Chronicles (South Burgess)
  • Haskins, Diane, My Own Four Walls, Heritage Buildings in Bastard and South Burgess Township.
  • Kennedy, James R., South Elmsley in the Making, 1783-1983.
  • Leavitt, Thad W.H., History of Leeds and Grenville (1972 reprint of 1879 original).
  • Legget, Robert, Rideau Waterway.
  • Lockwood, Glenn J., The Rear of Leeds and Landsdowne.
  • Lockwood, Glenn J., Smiths Falls; A Social History of Men and Women in a Rideau Canal Community, 1794-1994.
  • McKenzie, Ruth, Leeds and Grenville: Their First Two Hundred Years.
  • Patterson, Neil A., History of the Township of North Crosby and Westport.
  • Warren, Susan, Hub of the Rideau, A History of South Crosby Township.
  • Watson, Ken W., A History of the Rideau Lockstations.
  • Watson, Ken W. (ed), The Sweeney Diary: the 1839 to 1850 Journal of Rideau Lockmaster Peter Sweeney.

In addition, a number of research papers which treat various aspects of the Rideau Canal have been prepared for Parks Canada and are available through their offices and at local Libraries. The LACAC of Bastard and South Burgess has printed pamphlets which outline excellent heritage tours of those wards. These are available through the Township of Rideau Lakes Union Library. Also, several of the Womens Institutes in the Township have compiled Tweedsmuir histories for their areas; see for eg. The Lombardy Women's Institute, Tweedsmuir Village History of Lombardy.

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