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The moccasined feet of hunters and fishers have for millennia traversed the isthmus between the Rideau and Mud (Newboro) Lakes. European explorers, missionaries and traders followed. But even into the early 19th century as settlements like Delta grew, only a few such as William Buck Stevens settled at "the Isthmus". This site had no natural treasure of water power.

Change came with the building of the Rideau Canal as the work camp and settlement at "the Isthmus" expanded to accommodate those toiling on its construction. Renamed New Borough and later Newboro, this busy people-place developed as a thriving community serving its farming and lumbering hinterland. Throughout the 19th century, Newboro thrived and grew from its location as the keystone of the Rideau arch. To the north, the nearby Upper Rideau Lake starts the voyager down the Rideau River toward Ottawa. To the south, nearby Newboro (once Mud) Lake starts the voyager down the Cataraqui chain of lakes to Kingston.

Newboro was also an important staging point on the Brockville - Westport road and in 1886-8, the Brockville - Westport Railroad added a third dimension of travel and communication through this busy node. In the latter part of the 19th century, steam tugs pulled barge loads of iron ore from local mines to smelters in Pittsburgh and Cleveland: later, mica to General Electric. Situated on the "townline" boundary between North and South Crosby, Newboro declared its independence in 1876 and became an " incorporated Village". As such it is one of the smallest and oldest incorporated villages in Ontario. The boundaries of the ward extend well beyond the current village site, reflecting the expectations of its 19th century citizens.

Surrounded by the Upper Rideau Lake and the many parts of Newboro Lake, Newboro is a popular vacation area, legendary for its recreational fishing.

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