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Heritage of the Township

Plaque to James Philips
Plaque for James Philips
James Philips arrived to settle here in 1825 and later Philips gained fame but lost his life as an ardent reformer (see provincial commemoration shown on the plaque).

Philipsville benefitted from its location beside Corbett Creek, a good source of water power for its lumber, cheese box and flour mills and its location on the Brockville-Westport road.

Later the Brockville and Westport Railway brought year-round travel and telegraph communication and throughout the 19th century, Philipsville was a thriving community with many merchants and craftsmen serving the surrounding countryside. Of particular significance was W. Chase's large brickyard which supplied bricks for building throughout the township and beyond. Like many local villages, population and business reached a peak just before World War I.

Buildings within Philipsville worthy of note are the Isaac Whaley House, built in 1843 and the Philipsville Baptist Churchy built in 1865. Throughout the community and in the surrounding countryside, particularly along the Harts Gravel (hard scrabble) Road can be found many fine 19th century homes such as the William Earl House and the Robert Godkin House.

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