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Portland on the Rideau Historical Society

The objective of the Portland on the Rideau Historical Society is to document, collect and preserve the history of the village of Portland and the Big Rideau Lake throughout its existence, with special emphasis on the village, the lake community and its natural setting. The primary goal of the Society is to develop a museum reflecting the intertwined histories of the lake and the village.

The PRHS was started by local residents interested in preserving the fast disappearing historic sites and artifacts of the village of Portland and the Big Rideau Lake. In 2008 a steering group was formed and 37 members signed up. In January 2009 a constitution and bylaws were established as was an elected Board of Directors.

The Society has been registered as a non-profit organization with the Ontario government and the Ontario Historical Society. Membership is $10 per year per person or $100 for 15 years. Membership is open to any interested person and provides the right of a say/vote in the activities of the society plus the opportunity to volunteer for the work and undertakings of the Society.

The Portland on the Rideau Historical Society plans to record electronically for reference purposes local history [photographs, records, documents, maps, etc.] by scanning them into a computerized data base. Those items lent or donated by interested persons to the Society will be safely returned. The PRHS will also develop a historical sketch/record for every building in town and on the Big Rideau Lake plus some of those that have disappeared. Past residents lives will be documented.

Interested person may contact the Society by mail at PO Box 1, Portland ON, KOG 1VO. The Chairperson can be reached through email at

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