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NOTE: In 2012, the Portland Landfill Site was changed to the Portland Transfer Station. There are no active landfills in the Township of Rideau Lakes.

Q. If I live in the Township of Rideau Lakes, do I have garbage and recycling pick up?
A. Yes, all households have recycling and garbage collection once a week. Bags must be at curbside by 7:00 a.m. Schedules change on holidays. See the Waste Pickup Page

Q. Is there a weekly limit for garbage collection?
A. Yes - there is a 2 bag per week limit for garbage and a 5 bag per week limit for recycling.

Q. Is there weight limit for curbside bags
A. Yes - each bag must weigh LESS than 40 pounds.

Q. Where is the Transfer Station located in the Township of Rideau Lakes?
A. There is 1 (one) Transfer Station in the Township: Portland (4427 H Old Kingston Road). Travel Hwy 15 to just north of the Village of Portland, turn down Old Kingston Rd and the Transfer Station is less than 1 km down Old Kingston Road on your right.

Q. When is the Transfer Station open?
A. Wednesdays and Saturdays, 8 am to 4 pm. See the Transfer Station page for more information.

Q. If I own a business how do I use the Transfer Station?
A. All businesses are on the pay-as-you-go system. Tipping fees will be charged for all waste entering the Transfer Station ($222/tonne with a minimum charge of $10).  Cash, credit cards or debit cards or business cheques are accepted.  No charging.  No personal cheques. 

Q. Do businesses receive curbside collection?
A. No

Q. Are bag tags accepted at the Transfer Station?
A. No. Bag tags are for curbside pickup of bagged household waste only.

Q. Is the clear bag policy still in effect?
A. Yes, the Transfer Station and the curbside collection service do not accept dark bags - use clear bags (no colour) for household garbage and clear blue for recycling

Q. Is there a charge for using the Portland Transfer Station?
A. Yes, all waste entering the Transfer Station (including bagged household waste) will be charged at a rate of $218/tonne. A minimum charge of $10 applies for all waste entering the Transfer Station. The only exceptions are scrap steel (free), most off rim tires (free if clean), electronics, recycling, compost, and Christmas trees. Tires on rim and dirty tires are charged at $218/tonne. The Township reserves the right to limit the quantity of material brought into the Site at any one time. Building demolition material is not accepted. Small amounts of construction material is accepted.  Hazardous waste is not accepted (see Household Hazardous Waste Page)

Q. If I have a piece of furniture or old rug in good condition, do I have to pay to get rid of it?
A. Yes

Q. Will the garbage truck pick up my furniture and large items?
A. No. The garbage truck picks up bagged household waste & recycling only. It is the resident’s responsibility to transport large items to the Transfer Station and pay the applicable fees.

Q. If I live in the Ward of South Elmsley, can I leave my recycling at the South Elmsley Garage Recycling Depot?
A. No. The South Elmsley Depot closed January 1, 2008.

Q. If my garbage & recycling does not get picked up, what is the reason?
A. Your garbage may not have been pickup IF: your garbage/recycling was not out by 7:00 a.m. and you missed the truck, your garbage is not in clear bags, no tag on your bags of garbage or inappropriate tag on bags, there is recycling material in with your garbage, dogs are running loose, garbage was not in plain view of the truck driver, or recycling is not separated properly. If your bags were out by 7 a.m. and did not get picked up, the driver will leave behind an orange tag explaining the reason it was rejected. Please correct the problem and set it out for collection the following week.


Residents must have their garbage/recycling out by 7:00am, to ensure pickup. 

If the garbage truck is ahead of schedule or has a different driver you may be missed.

Q. Is there a tipping fee for compost material at the Transfer Station?

No, compost is free at the Transfer Station, but you must empty the bags/containers into the compost pile. Kitchen Composters are available for purchase at the Township Office
while supplies last for $9.00.

Q. Does the curbside collection service included compost collection?
A. No

Q. Is there a tipping fee for eaves troughs, stove pipes, burnables, painted lumber, construction material, rugs, furniture, vacuum cleaners, coffee makers, etc.
A. Yes. $222/tonne.

Q. Is there a tipping fee for shingles and drywall?
A. Yes, $222/tonne.

Q. Is there a charge for disposing of brush at the Transfer Station?
A. Yes, $222/tonne. Each household is eligible to dispose of one FREE half-ton truckload of brush in 2018.  To receive your voucher number, contact Amy at 1-800-928-2250 Ext 285 or email

Q. Can I dispose of my empty paint cans at curbside?
A. No

Q. Can I dispose of my empty paint cans at the Transfer Station?
A. Yes, BUT only if the lid is off and the can is completely empty & dry.  Present it to the Transfer Station Attendant and if it is acceptable it can be disposed of in the scrap metal bin for free (only if it's empty, lid off & dry)

Q. Can I get rid of hazardous waste at the Portland Transfer Station?
A. No. Check your Township Information Calendar and watch your local newspaper for special Hazardous Waste Events.

Q. What do I do with my dead batteries?
A. All batteries (AA's, AAA's, rechargeables, watch batteries, car batteries etc.) must be disposed of at a Hazardous Waste Event.  See the Household Hazardous Waste Page for dates and times.

Q. What materials are considered recyclable?
A. Plastics #1 to #7 (containers); Cardboard, Boxboard, Paper, Junk Mail, Newspapers, Soft covered books; Magazines, Telephone books, Cans (metal & aluminum), metal & plastic lids, coloured and clear glass bottles & jars – see the Recycling Page to find out how to sort it.

Q. Do I have to do anything to my material before I recycle it at curbside?
A. Yes, cans, plastics, glass bottles and jars must be completely empty & clean (flattened where possible) and go in one clear blue bag. Paper, cardboard and boxboard (clean & flattened) must go in a separate clear blue bag or it may be bundled & tied tightly to eliminate that bag.

Q. Do I have to do anything to my recycling before I recycle it at the Portland Transfer Station?
A. Yes, all containers must be completely empty and clean, cardboard must be broken down and they must be placed in the appropriate bin at the Transfer Station

Q. If I tear down my house, shed, garage or any type of building, can I dispose of it at the Portland Transfer Station?
A. No. The Portland Transfer Station does not accept building demolition material (torn down buildings).

Q. If I renovate my kitchen, bathroom, etc., can I dispose of construction material at the Transfer Station?
A. The Portland Transfer Station accepts small amounts of construction material at $222/tonne (minimum $10 charge per visit).

Q. Can I take my garbage to Delta?
A. No. The Delta Landfill/Recycling Site is closed.

Q. Can I take my garbage to the Westport/Rideau Lakes Landfill?
A. No. The Westport/Rideau Lakes Landfill/Recycling Site is closed.

Q. How do I dispose of kitty litter?
A. Small quantities should be double bagged in a grocery bag and put in your household garbage bag. Large quantities should be disposed of at the Portland Transfer Station. Kitty litter is not considered compost material (tipping fees apply).

Q. Can I continue to use the Portland Transfer Station for my bagged household waste even though I have curbside collection?
A. All residents have curbside service and are encouraged to use it. However, you may bring your bagged household waste to the Portland Transfer Station if necessary and pay to dispose of it ($10 minimum charge for all waste entering the Site). Remember - bag tags are not valid at the Transfer Station. They say “curbside only” on each tag.

Q. Can I still take my recycling to the Transfer Station free of charge?
A. Yes, but we encourage residents to use the curbside service.

Q. Where do I purchase my tags?
A. Chantry - Municipal Office; Chaffey's Lock - Brown's Marina; Crosby - Rideau Lakes Building Centre; Delta - Delta Country Market; Elgin - Gordanier Grocery;Elgin Library; Portland - Portland Grocery Store, Portland Ultramar, and Portland Transfer Station; Smiths Falls - Andress’ Independent Grocer; Bennett's Bait 'N Tackle; and Bill’s Small Engine Repair;  Westport - Kudrinko's Grocery; Westport Home Hardware (Church St); and Lower Mountain Mercantile; 

Q. Who can I ask about things I don’t understand about waste disposal and recycling?
A. Call Amy at the Office Ext 285 at 1-800-928-2250 or local 613-928-2251.

Q. If I have a complaint regarding the Transfer Station, who should I contact?
A. Please submit your complaint in writing to the Office, fax: 613-928-3097; mail to 1439 County Rd. 8, Public Works Department, Delta, ON  K0E 1G0 or email



Our 2018 Calendar will keep you informed of events, hours of operation, waste collection schedules, meetings and more. See the 2018 Calendar Page

Bag Tags

Bag Tags: everyone must purchase bag tags for curbside pickup of household garbage (1 tag per bag). All tags must be visible to ensure pickup. If the driver cannot easily see the tag, the bag may be left behind. Tags may be purchased for $2.50 each (no tax) in sheets of 5. Bag tags have no expiry date if they have been purchased (bag tags reading “curbside collection only” $2.50, do not expire).
For a listing of bag tag locations see the Bag Tags page.

Household Hazardous Waste

Please see the Hazardous Waste Page

FREE Electronic Recycling Now Year-Round

See the Transfer Station Page for a listing of acceptable electronic waste

Animal Proof Containers

If you live in an area with a high concentration of wildlife, the Township encourages you to place your garbage and recycling in an animal "proof" container to discourage wildlife from tearing apart your bags before they are picked up. Many people have built small wooden boxes at the end of their laneway for this purpose.

Wondering where to start? The following links provide some ideas to get you rolling with an animal proof container:

See also:

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