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Use the Road Listing Page to see the collection day for the road that you live on.

Curbside Collection for HOUSEHOLDS only

Curbside collection is for households only.  Businesses must take their waste and recycling to the Portland Transfer Station.


Curbside Collection

  • All bags must be set out for collection by 7:00 a.m. on your collection day.

  • All waste must be bagged in a clear bag and tagged with a current Rideau Lakes purchased bag tag.

  • Bags may be placed in a garbage container, however, tags must be at the top clearly visible to the driver.

  • All bags must be in plain view of the driver - of he can't see it, he can't pick it up.  Bags cannot be hidden behind a hedge, tree, mailbox, fence or car.

  • Place all bags at the end of your driveway (not across the road from your house).

  • During hot weather, freeze decaying material as bags will not be picked up if worms are present.


Bag Tags


See the Bag Tag page for a location near you where Bag Tags are available for purchase.

Curbside Collection Weekly Bag Limit

Please note that for curbside collection, there is a 2 BAG per week limit for garbage (must have a Bag Tag) and a 5 BAG per week limit for recycling (no Bag Tag required). Each bag must weigh less than 40 pounds.  Each bag must be tied.


When there is a holiday, collection takes place one day later than normal.  Check your Township Calendar for the revised schedule.

Only the week in which the holiday falls is affected.  Eg. when the holiday is on a Monday, Monday's collection takes place on Tuesday, etc. with Friday's collection taking place on Saturday.  For Christmas/New Year's Schedule, please check the December page of the calendar.

Curbside Collection MAP

MAP pdf

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